E39 E40 and EX39 are all called mogul base. What is the difference between them? Well, E39 E40 are almost the same, they are compatible with each other, just the E39 is for North American market and E40 are for Europe market.  While EX39, the diameter of the base is the same with E39 E40, but the tip on the base is longer, so their socket is different in depth. Therefore, they cannot be compatible
LED shoebox light
Benefits to shift to LED Lighting ? No poisonous element like Hg, green and environment friendly. Instant start, no warming up time Directional light beam, low power consumption, more energy efficient 50,000 hrs lifespan, big saving on electricity bills. Rebate and incentives are offered across United States for DLC Standard certified products  
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LED warehouse lighting solutions
For LED warehouse lighting, below are the items we recommend to use. LED UFO high bay  (knuckle mounted or chain/hook mounted) LED linear high bay  (suspended mounted) LED t8 tube light retrofit (suspended mounted) LED troffer light (recessed mounted) Different lighting fixtures would be used according to the working environment in warehouse and the installation type you need. If workers work in warehouse all day long, then it requires high foot candle, otherwise, let’s say
LED industrial lighting solutions
led pole lights
Outdoor LED Pole Lights for Car Dealerships In auto dealership lots, we typically see area lights such as shoe boxes as well as flood lights. Most tend to be Metal Halide light sources in the 400W to 1000W range. Energy reduction with a LED car dealership parking lot lighting system can be 75% or greater, and with added controls such as motion sensors and dimming, energy savings can be even greater. However, with high CRI
LED industrial lighting solutions