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LED Lighting Projects

Write one email and you can earn money, crazy thought ?

No, it is possible here in our store, and it is simple

For any buyer who send one of the following information by email to

* photos of the lighting projects you’ve completed or

* short video with one narrator on how you / your customer is satisfied with the lighting result ,

We can refund 15USD for the order you purchased or grant 20USD coupon for your next order, you choose one of the reward you like.

Please also include the following details along with the project photos in your email, so you can get the refund in 1 business day if you need a fast reward

1. Project name: about the application or the PO name of project (e.g. Audi of Cherry Hill)

2. Project solutions: what fixture / LED retrofits to use ? (e.g. 300w LED shoebox lights)

3. Project descriptions: location or background ? replace wattage of traditional HID, quantity, illumination level improved ? customer is happy ? and LED increase the turnover of the sales, or enhance the workers’ production efficiency or reduce the operation cost of electrical bill ?

Below are some of the LED lighting projects we’ve helped customer to complete using our LED lights, please check it out.

gas station lighting project
car dealorship lighting fixture
ufo led warehouse lighting quotation
parking lot lighting
wall mounted light
1200mm LED t8 tube light
warehouse LED lighting