Lighting Rebate Center

Many products that you will find on are available for rebates from utility companies. That’s right, they want to give you money to save electricity.

Curious if your project will fit your budget due to a rebate? Reach out to your local electric company to see what they can offer for your lighting retrofit. We wish we could provide you with a link, but there are over 3000 utility companies in the United States. We suggest starting with a call to your local electric company or government.

What is a prescriptive rebate?

A prescriptive rebate is when a utility cost offers a pre-determined dollar amount for a specific type of fixture that would be installed. This is similar to earning a rebate for a set of tires, where you apply for it once you have installed the new technology. A prescriptive rebate might also be referred to as an “Instant Rebate”.

What is a custom rebate?

Not all rebates that would be of interest to an electric company have been prescribed and listed. Sometimes, you have to propose a rebate to an electric company. This is especially true for larger projects with many fixtures. For this type of rebate, you will want to submit a proposal and have and auditor from the utility visit you to assess the energy savings. Once you have installed the energy-efficient lighting, they will visit once again for a final inspection before sending you the cash that was earned in a rebate.


What product categories are available for rebates?

This varies by different states and region, generally, all DLC and Energy Star certified LED lights can be qualified to get incentives. However,  we would share the list , one of the largest energy companies in the United States(from their rebate page):

LED Troffer Fixture & Retrofit Kits DLC QPL Required
LED Parking Garage Canopy Fixture DLC QPL Required
High-efficiency fluorescent T8 systems
High-bay fluorescent systems, replacing high intensity discharge (HID) systems
ENERGY STAR®-qualified interior LED screw-in or pin-based lamps, and interior LED downlight luminaires, replacing incandescent or halogen systems that use three to six times more energy
LED wall pack fixtures
Parking garage T8 Lamps
Exterior LED canopy replacing HID systems that use three to six times the energy
T12 to T8 optimization retrofits

Keep in mind that energy utitlities also offer custom rebates, so just because your product is not on this list does not mean you won’t be eligible for a rebate. Always call your own electric company first.