Parking lot lighting LED pole lights

Parking lot lighting LED pole lights

Outdoor LED Pole Lights for Car Dealerships

In auto dealership lots, we typically see area lights such as shoe boxes as well as flood lights. Most tend to be Metal Halide light sources in the 400W to 1000W range.

Energy reduction with a LED car dealership parking lot lighting system can be 75% or greater, and with added controls such as motion sensors and dimming, energy savings can be even greater. However, with high CRI light, the cars at night can not only be lit up brightly but their colors can be represented properly. Metal Halide suffers from lumen degradation. After a few months of operation, metal halide’s drop a significant amount from their initial lumens. At half life, typically 7500 hours, its already list 1/2 of its initial lumens.

LED, on the other hand, maintains its lumens much better. L70’s (lumen degradation of 70% of initial lumens) can be as much as 100,000 hours. This means your LED Lights will be maintenance free for a very long period of time.

Option 1: New Fixtures

Commercial LED Area Shoebox Lights

LED area lighting options can replace your existing fixtures and we have the power to replace everything from 250-1000W Metal Halide. These long lasting LED Lights are extremely efficient when it comes to creating light while using very little electricity to do so. UL Listed, DLC Qualified, these lights will provide you with years of trouble free life for the pole lights.

LED Flood Light Fixtures

LED Flood Lights can replace your existing fixtures and we have the power to replace everything from 250-1000W Metal Halide. We have models with slip fitters, trunnion mounts and knuckle mounts, all UL or ETL Listed and many DLC Qualified with up to 5 year warranty. Save over 75% on your energy bills when you convert over to LED.

Option 2: Retrofit

LED Retrofit Kits

LED Retrofit Kits are designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium in your existing fixture. This is nothing more than replacing your existing bulb and ballast with the LED Retrofit Kit Head and LED Driver.  kits are available to replace everything from 70W to 1500W HID, making them a good option for any LED HID retrofit conversion. Extremely efficient up to 120-130 lumens/watt and DLC Qualified to get your rebates!